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Welcome to Skin Geeks 

A healthy skin is a beautiful skin

Here at Skin Geeks we believe that a healthy skin is a beautiful skin. We have carefully selected our partnering brands to supply you with the most innovative ingredients, technologies and products available on the aesthetic market today. These products all adhere to our core philosophy of science-based innovation. We work closely with the pioneering biochemists and immunology professors behind our partnering brands. This means we know the skin well. 

Professional Stockists 

As a UK skincare distributor we take great pride in providing our clients with exceptional and innovate skincare products. Each product line is carefully chosen based on the very latest-research and technology, the results each provide and the quality of the ingredients. 

Retail Customers 

Most of our products are professional products that contain high percentages of active ingredients which need to be applied to the correct skin type in the right quantities. This is one of the reasons we donít make them available for sale direct to the public.

Our trained professional stockists will carry out an initial skin assessment for you to make sure you have the right products for your skin.
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Skin Geeks