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Retail Customers

Welcome to Skin Geeks and thank you for your interest.

We take our skincare seriously, and we have a professional line that we sell to established beauticians, aestiticians and doctors around the UK. They will assess your needs and recommend the best products for you. This is important as some of our lines have active ingredients and we want the best possible result for your skin.

We try to connect you in the first instance with someone near you, so for your local stockist please contact the office by calling 01386 578950 or email info@skingeeks.co.uk

There are circumstances where you need a product and its not easily available to you. We understand that sometimes:

  • Your nearest stockist does not have a product you have used in the past
  • You have moved location and you cannot get to your stockist easily
  • There is no stockist in your area
  • You are visiting the UK from abroad, are a regular IMAGE Skincare user and need a top up.

In any of these cases, please call us on 01386 578950 so we can assist you further. 
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Skin Geeks